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Broderick:: Crawling and Travel Nerves

Not that anyone really cares but we have been transitioning Brody take two naps instead of three. Therefore, I have been having to entertain him more than usual to keep him happy when he gets kinda tired in the middle of the day. This usually involves playing in his room.
One afternoon we spent playing in his room together for about an hour. Honestly, it was fun! He was crawling all around and up and over my legs over and over and over again. I can’t resist kissing his sweet little tummy when he is just in his diaper. He doesn’t have those yummy baby rolls on his thighs but they are still just as scrumptious!
 I just love it when he does this little pout face–chubby cheeks and smooshed lips!
 Love these baby blues!

This blog post is really being written just to distract myself from freaking out that I am leaving in two days for Indiana. I have packed my suitcase (1/2 filled with Brody’s stuff) and I am starting to get a pimple just thinking about traveling with him!
We have flown with him twice so far–he has done great. However, it was less than a 1.5 hour flight to SD. This time I am flying with my beloved mother in law all the way to Indiana! Without Travis!!! 
Travis’ Mom, Deanna, asked if Brody and I would join her in Indiana while she babysits my sister and brother in law’s two girls. We are excited to have the three cousins together for the week! 
Just pray for me, as I am also nervous about the time change(Brody’s schedule) and flying back home with just me and my little boy!
All that to say–this kid is a mover and the flights should be interesting!
At least he is a happy boy now that those two teeth are here! Brody, please take a good nap on the plane. Pretty please!!
Have a great week! I’ll be leaving my computer at home so no blog posts for a while. I’ll be back with some sweet photos of the three most adorable cousins around!

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