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Broderick:: Lions, Tigers, and Elephants!

While we were down in San Diego my sister treated Brody and I to the Zoo. She has passes and I was so excited to spend time with her and show Brody the animals!
He really probably had no idea what was going on but it was fun for me and Nicole. He stared at the Zebra and cried at the alligator. It was a BEAUTIFUL day.
 He was crying in the picture above because he wanted to eat his hat instead of wear it:)He kept pulling his hat off and I’m sure it was pretty entertaining to watch–we would put it on him and then try to distract him. He is smarter than I give him credit for. 
Children really are such a joy! He did great walking(being held) around the Zoo for hours. Even though he probably won’t remember this, it was so much fun for Nicole and I to watch him take in everything.
 He loves his Auntie Nikki!!
Can’t wait to bring Brody back to the Zoo when he can walk and really enjoy the animals.
Nikki, thank you so much for spending the day with us! I won’t ever forget it! Brody is so lucky to have such a fun and generous Aunt! You’re the greatest:)

All of the photos above were taken with my iPhone. 

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