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Broderick:: It’s True…

It’s true…this is how we all feel sometimes…
Like when he can’t quite get our knee up over the edge of a wipes box so we can climb on it. Or when he can’t use mommy’s phone as a hammer. Or when someone isn’t sharing their coffee.

Oh, the life of a 10 month old:)

Despite what this photo portrays, Brody has been SO MUCH FUN to be around. He is super giggly and thinks he is having conversations with us–I could listen to his babble all day! 
He is almost 11 months old and that just seems crazy to me. He is definitely a climber and desperately wants to get up on the couch on his own. I’m so glad he can’t do this yet:)
October and November are super busy months for us personally and with Photography so stay tuned! Thank you for following along with our little family:)

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