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Broderick:: Charlie Brown Christmas

A few days after Christmas last year, when Brody was just 5 weeks old, Travis and I went to Target to get out of the house. We walked around and browsed all of the Christmas stuff that was on sale. 
Travis was a good sport while I grabbed some wrapping tissue paper that was on sale and some decor. We then got to the baby section. There was a Charlie Brown Christmas shirt that we both thought was cute. We decided on getting 18mo. size, having no idea how big Brody would be the following December. 
Buying things like this, you think it will be FOREVER until they fit in those clothes. How could my baby ever be this size? This shirt looks HUGE. But, as I was getting Brody ready for the day yesterday I opened his closet and this Charlie Brown shirt stood out to me. 
He looks like such a big boy! This has been a face that Brody has been making often when he gets excited. It’s hilarious.
 He has had 3 haircuts and it is almost time for another! I love his soft, flowy, strawberry-blonde hair. 
 He is still quite obsessed with balls. Tennis balls, balls from Target’s $1 section, Travis’ high school football, etc.
 Brody had been sick for about 3 weeks and on this day, his smile started to peek out a bit more. I’ve missed it.

The past few weeks he has seemed so much older to me. I’m thinking of him more as a toddler than a baby. He walks/runs without fear and is talking up a storm. Travis and I have had to have lots of parenting discussions lately as Brody is testing his boundaries and testing our patience:) 
We are looking forward to spending Christmas in Tahoe with my family and playing with Brody in the snow for the first time.
We are so grateful for this past year and all of the change, beauty and lessons we have been blessed with. God is great. 
This will probably be my last blog post for a while as we are prepping for the Holidays and spending time as a family. Thanks you for following our little space here!
Merry Christmas!

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