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Brinley:: 3 Years Old

Happy 3rd Birthday to our Brinley girl!

Somehow you are already three–it has both flown by and dragged on all in the same.

This past year has brought so much change in you. You have become quite the opinionated girl and your love of all things pretty has exploded! You have brought me to my knees in defeat and prayer more than I thought possible. I know that God is already using you in your beautiful and short three years of life.


You truly are the most affectionate and social three year old that I know! You run into the arms of so many of your friends (and their parents) and I know you put a smile on so many faces when you share your love. When we run into friends when playing outside or running errands, I often tell them that they can walk away because you will talk their ear off! But they stick around because you are so incredibly sweet and sincere in your questions like “Why you have the shirt?” and “You have a grandpa?” or “Where is your dog?” .:)


You get in trouble for sneaking into mom’s room for lip gloss on the regular. I wised up and hide it now. You even got into my make up bag and properly applied mascara! Oh, girl. I have my work cut out for me!


Your opinions about things like how your hair is done(braid, no braid, loose braid, too tight, up, down, curled, straight), what shirt you don’t want to wear, how to buckle in the car seat by yourself, and what show to watch in the morning are STRONG. We often talk about doing something because mom says that is your only option. There s usually some pouting but you are getting better and better at listening without complaining. Maybe these opinions are strong because you are strong. Truly, you are a tough girl! You keep up with the boys in the neighborhood on your scooter and you wrestle Brody with gritted teeth!


To be honest, there were a few weeks recently where I couldn’t see us getting through this year with you. You are strong-willed and not easily compliant. This has been a tough go for mom! But, after much prayer and lots & lots of snuggles(your love language), we are over that hump and onto the next…potty training! You have done a great job wearing your big girl panties and pull ups. Once again, I didn’t see this coming but you surprise us every day.:) Getting to go to Awanas with Brody has been a great incentive.

brinely3-15brinely3-9Brinley, you are our one & only princess and we adore you. You dad and I talk often about how sweet you are and how much we love you. We pray for your heart, that you’d love people well and that you would be a light to the world. You are a gift from God and we praise Him for how He made you!

 We love you!

Happy 3rd birthday, Brinley!

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