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Broderick:: 7 months

Travis and I keep having this disagreement–When people ask how old Brody is, I respond with “7 months” and Travis says “8 months”. Come on, babe! He is technically still 7 months–give me a break:) Okay, maybe he is 7 months and 25 days but still…that is 7 months. Ha!
Anyways, we have been enjoying this stage so much. It is fun to watch Brody grow and learn. He is now feeding himself little pieces of food, getting up on his hands and knees & inch worming around(almost crawling) and getting such a little personality. He has eaten little pieces of an In N Out meat patty(no salt), lots of fruits and veggies, and can go through a container of Puffs WAY too quickly.
Although I thought he was teething at 5 months, nothing popped through. Now at 7 months, he definitely has a tooth coming in. It is just under the surface and we have been giving him teething tablets the past few days. Watermelon rinds are his favorite thing to chew on(and they let us have a conversation with each other:)).
We just upgraded to a big boy car seat and I’m having to find ways to convince myself that this little boy of ours is still a baby. I am so thankful that he is still nursing and isn’t showing any signs of wanting to stop. If he sees me in the morning, he will whine and claw at me til he gets to eat. I soak in every moment I get to sit and snuggle with him. 
He is getting a lot better at entertaining himself with a few toys when I have to get stuff done. Yesterday I put him in a box and he was content for a good 15 minutes just standing up in it!
 This is his coy look that just melts me–he has the sweetest personality!
 He obviously still enjoys sucking on his lower lip:)
He is definitely a photographer’s son–when I take out my camera he looks right at my lens and smiles. Thank you, son. You’re my favorite subject!
I told myself that I wouldn’t go crazy for his first birthday–but I’m already planning it! Ah! Might have to pull the reigns in a bit…

Every night we thank the Lord for our son and that we get to be his parents. I am so impressed by him and so thankful to be his mom. 

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