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Broderick:: His Namesake

People who have known me since before I was married know that our son’s name pays tribute to my maiden name. We always said that if we have a boy, his first name will be Broderick. 
My dad has 4 daughters–I was his tomboy. I have so many memories of fishing with my Dad. He taught me how to hook a worm and cast a reel. I was the only daughter to choose playing hockey with the neighborhood boys over Barbies with my sisters(probably just because I had a crush on the kid down the street). 
I was somehow his tomboy and also his daughter who was seriously boy-crazy.
All this to say that my Dad doesn’t have any sons and we wanted to carry on his name–so his grandson got the honor of doing so.

Broderick Anthony Albini
Brody’s middle name comes from his Dad’s side of the family. Brody is the third generation of Albini with the middle name ‘Anthony’.
Brody’s grandpa Broderick will be the one to teach him to fish, to throw a good curve ball and to grill a mean steak. Well, Travis might be the one to teach him to throw a curve ball but I’m sure Grandpa Broderick will be proud of the Lefty technique.:)
We are so blessed to have family who love and support us. 
July 17, 2013 - 4:36 am

Katie Cook - loved this:)

July 17, 2013 - 5:01 am

Travis and Danielle - Thanks, Katie! I love reading your blog. Been wanting to connect with you about your blog. Talk to you soon!

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