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Broderick:: A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Sometimes, this silly baby of ours makes the oddest faces. Yet, somehow we giggle and think they are the most adorable faces that have ever been made in the history of mankind.
He has always been very expressive(Here I go being one of “those moms” who just thinks her kid is SO above average). But really, he got his eyebrows from me and when I tell stories, people can’t help but pay attention;)
Brody was eating some avocado the other day and had it all over his face. Obviously, I thought it was hilariously cute. 
I took these next photos in a matter of about 1 minute–see, I’m not exaggerating. These faces…
  A face only a mother could love…
 His poor gums have been so swollen and when he woke up this morning crying at 6:30am, we noticed that one of his two teeth that are coming in has started to pop through. He has definitely been cranky this past week so I’m thankful that the teeth are coming through. Also makes me a little sad that he is growing up so fast! And a little nervous of the biting!!
He got his daddy’s blue eyes and my strawberry blonde hair. I refuse to call it red:)
He is now 8 months old! He has started crawling and we often catch him in this sprinter’s stance…
 He is just now getting the hang of coordinating both his hands and knees to get places. No more inch worming for this dude!
I am so so so grateful that I get to stay home with him. I know it is a privilege. We have to make sacrifices as a family but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Plus, I don’t think a nanny would find his faces as cute as I do:)
So, what do you think? Am I absolutely nuts or are his faces the cutest?!

…don’t tell me if you think I’m nuts!

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