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Broderick:: Picnic and Slides

I called Travis mid-day yesterday and asked him to just pick us up dinner from the Taco truck on his way home. We have a teething baby and a lazy mom in this house this week! Yesterday was the first day in a week that I haven’t napped. I think I have finally recuperated from all of our traveling. 

In order to keep the baby from whining all evening, we ventured out to a park close by for a little picnic and play. He does much better outside–we all needed a little fresh air…
I have to say, I am so thankful that Travis and I are different. And here are some examples from just one hour together of how we are different…
Every time a bee came by our blanket, he calmly swatted it away. I screeched and did a little girly arm flailing. By the end of our dinner, we were both laughing hysterically at how “psycho I am”–those were his words.
Oh, and I think Brody got his dad’s flair for food…
Brody kept reaching and knocking over Travis’ salsa. It made me laugh–Travis was getting frustrated(yes, he was moving it away but Brody is a ninja!). He said “He keeps getting into everything!”…yes, this is true. 
I decided to take Brody down the slide for the first time. I was cautious and kept one hand on the rail in order to inch my way down the slide. 
Travis, on the other hand, said to me “I’m going to go fast so get the camera ready”. I think Brody enjoyed going down the slide much more with his dad:)
This kid of ours seems to be a thrill-seeker. He loves it when we chase each other around the house(him in one of our arms), he had the calmest expression when he went fast down the slide and he didn’t make a peep when he smacked his chin on the corner of the coffee table!
I promise, we are attentive parents:)
It is so nice to have a park close to home. I think Brody enjoyed his first slide experience!
I never regret taking our camera out when we do things like this–I tell travis all the time how grateful I am to have the knowledge and expertise to get great photos of our family. 
Friends, take more photos of your family–I promise you’ll be happy you did!:)
(Also, I feel kinda bad for our next kids because I doubt I will document all of these ‘firsts’ like I do for Brody. I will try my best!)

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