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Broderick:: The Little Things

I am lying in bed listening to thunder and rain outside my window. Nap times lately basically consist of me walking from Brody’s room straight into my room and into bed. My body needs this rest and I’m happy to give in:)
Brody’s naps are a great time of reflection for me and as I lay here, I am thinking of all of the cute little things that Brody has picked up on the past few weeks. Because I do not want to forget this age of cuteness and because I want to celebrate the little things, I thought I’d share them here! So here are some of the every day little things that Brody is doing at 17 months that we love! 
The Little Things

–He now asks for our hands when he wants us to go somewhere with him or needs our help. We just think this is so adorable!
–When he put him to sleep for either naps or nighttime, he says “bye mama” or “bye dada!” with some serious excitement. This makes us laugh because he is acting kind of excited to go to bed. I am so grateful for the times that Travis held his ground about bedtime routines–Brody has his times but overall is really good about laying in his crib until he falls asleep.
–Every morning when travis walks out of our bedroom in his work clothes, Brody automatically runs to the front door yelling “bye bye dada!!”. He knows just by the suit that it is time for Trav to go to work. This is sometimes followed by tears but daddy’s kisses help:)
–He tends to walk off into an empty room of the house then returns with a full diaper. This is hilarious to me that he needs his alone time to do his business ha! If only he understood that us adults want that too! 😉
–He gives me kisses on the cheek. Which make me actually kind of sad because he is such a sweet little gentleman:)Well, he really actually has to be reminded a lot during the day about gentleness. He gets pretty excited and the arms start swinging!
–Brody is obsessed with being outside. He looks out our front windows and yells “RO-RO!”. This is our neighbor friend and Brody is constantly asking to go play across the street. It sounds like “RO-RO. Outside. RO-RO!Mee. Mee .(please)” His friend’s name is Rowan and they play really well together.
–He has become quite the wrestler with his daddy. He is so ticklish and loves to roll around on the ground and growl. He is still ridiculously obsessed with sports balls and it is typically the first thing he says when he wakes up from naps. “BALL!” 
–This is one of my favorite things that Brody has started to do. He will randomly walk by me and ever-so-nonchalantly say “hi mama” and just keep on walking. Oh this melts my heart!!! 
This age is a lot of fun and a lot of tiring! He is a really fast runner and it is tough to keep up with. We are working on patience(all of us) and learning to sit with our hands in our laps when we are waiting for something. He is good at sitting down with his hands in his lap but it lasts for about 5 seconds then he is up whining again. I guess it is all about consistency and repetition at this age! 
I’m already so glad I wrote those things out because it is so easy to forget the sweet little things with each stage. Thanks for reading!

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