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Disneyland 2016


Thank you to Oma and Opa for this trip of a lifetime!! We never would have made this a priority so we are very grateful that Travis’ parents did! The kids were surely spoiled and so were we!

Brody and Brinley both did a great job throughout the busy day at Disneyland–we didn’t realize how packed it would be due to the Holiday. Brody had a rough start with some of the creepy “kids” rides. I’m not sure why Disney has so many creepy things! Witches, werewolves, creepy bunnies, etc. But, once we found the Dumbo ride, teacups, and Buzz Lightyear stuff we were good to go!

2016-02-24_00032016-02-24_00042016-02-24_0005Brinley was really just along for the ride! She wanted to explore and would walk around, clapping and dancing to the music that was playing. 2016-02-24_00062016-02-24_00072016-02-24_00082016-02-24_00092016-02-24_0010

Brody’s favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear one. We could have guessed this since it was basically going through a maze on a spinning car while you shoot targets! A boy’s DREAM!

We waited in line for about 25 minutes for the StarWars 3-D ride. Brody was crying as we had him sit down but once it started, he LOVED it and wanted to do it again.

Brody was a bit bummed that the Storm Troopers who walked by him wouldn’t reach out and give him a high five. They were too busy “patrolling” as the lady told me when I asked if he could get a high five. Give me a break. Aren’t these characters there to make little kid’s days?? They had a very important job to do! 😉

Brody was in HEAVEN as he got a personal meet and greet with Spiderman! He was just jumping up and down and wasn’t even talking. It was so cute! He told Spiderman that he loved the Buzz Lightyear game and he got the high five he’d been dying for! He even gave Spidey a hug when he left.

2016-02-24_00112016-02-24_00122016-02-24_00132016-02-24_00142016-02-24_00152016-02-24_00162016-02-24_0017This is a day that we will never forget! It was so much fun, great weather, and full of memories made! Brody literally fell asleep in his carseat before the car was put in drive.:)2016-02-24_0018Thank you, Oma and Opa!!!



As I look back on this past year, for one reason, or a few, I am seeing 2015 as our toughest year yet. Scattered in the tough is, of course, so many great memories. Or more accurately–the tough is scattered amongst so many great blessings. 2015 was very full–full of great joy and deep sadness, many many laughs and a fair share of tears. BUT, there was more triumph than defeat and for that I am grateful. 2016-01-01_0001

2016-01-01_0002Ultimately, I am grateful for God’s promises and how He gets us through it all. Because, really, I can’t do this alone. That has never been more clear to me.

How can 2016 look different? I want it to and I think that it can…with intentionality. So, that is my word for this coming year.


I am going to be more intentional.2016-01-01_00082016-01-01_0005I had to let go of a few things in 2015–some of the things were healthy to let go of, although still difficult. Letting go of these things has given me space to be intentional where it is needed and where being intentional matters.

So often I find myself daydreaming about doing little things for people–Making something that would bring them joy, buying and giving that coffee mug that reminds me of them, praying for friends who cross my mind throughout the day, inviting that new family over for dinner, writing the letter to a long-distance pal, making a double batch of whatever we are having for dinner and dropping it off to that friend who could use the help, hugging my husband more, etc. 2016-01-01_00032016-01-01_0006A few nights ago my husband walked in the door from work and our son ran up to him to greet him screeching, “DADDY!!!”. Then I noticed that our son turned to look at me for my reaction. When I noticed this, I chimed in on the excitement and joined the hugs. I don’t know anything more motivational than knowing that my kids are watching me–more closely than I realize. 2016-01-01_0007So although I am not a New Years resolution kinda girl, this year I am going to have a word. Do you have a word, phrase, verse, etc for your year? How are you consistent and reminded of it throughout the year? Please share! I am thinking of writing it in different places throughout our home but I would love to hear how you’ve been successful.:)Thanks!

Happy New Year, friends!


Chico, CA Fresh 48:: Baby Girl M

Baby fever is real and it is strong, my friends! Congratulations to these beautiful friends of mine. Their daughter is so perfect and she is very loved. It was so sweet seeing Lauren and Kevin as parents. Baby M was so alert and relaxed, just taking everything in.

2015-12-11_00022015-12-11_00032015-12-11_00042015-12-11_00052015-12-11_00062015-12-11_00072015-12-11_00082015-12-11_00092015-12-11_00102015-12-11_00112015-12-11_00122015-12-11_00132015-12-11_00142015-12-11_00152015-12-11_00162015-12-11_00172015-12-11_00182015-12-11_0020Congratulations! You are parents!!

Chico, CA Birth Photography:: River May

November 24th, 2015

What a privilege it was to spend time with this sweet couple as they became parents! You are such a great team as husband and wife & now as mom and dad. Thank you for inviting me to share in such a special day. Congratulations!


Welcome to the world, River May! Isn’t she so precious? If you didn’t have baby fever before, I’m betting you do now.:)Congratulations, Travis and Katie! You are a beautiful family!

Broderick:: Three Years Old


Brody is three years old and loving it! He is very concerned with being the oldest, biggest, fastest, scariest, etc. I am pretty sure he has inherited the competitive gene…lovingly passed down from both of this parents. Ay Ay Ay. Lord, help us.



Brody’s Likes:

–Laughing. He is seriously silly. He is at the age where we will start laughing together and it just keeps going and going and going. He knows what humor is and he sure has an awesome sense of humor!

–SPORTS. If you ask him, he wants to be a basketball player, a baseball player and a football player. Sometimes he adds a cop and spider man into that mix.

–Chewing bubble gum. This love started as a potty training incentive. He has not forgotten ONCE that he gets a bubba gum after he goes number two.

–Riding his green scooter. He used to call this his “tooter” and now he is too old for that. He still can’t quite say scooter but not it is called a cooter. We are working on our “s” sound. I want to bottle up his two year old voice forever.

–When daddy comes home. He runs and hides RIGHT when he hears Travis putting the key in the front door. Travis has to go find him while Brody yells “AH! Daddy…come find me…”

–Doing cartwheels(really just wild flips) on the trampoline.

–Our neighbors. His prayers every night go something like this: “Thank you Jesus for this day. Thank you for our neighbors. Thank you for Antonio, for Toby and Tucker and Elliana and Justin and Jenna and Hudson and Lizz and Cott(Scott). And thank you for all you do for us, God. Amen.” EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT Sometimes Mom and Dad and Sissy get in there if we are lucky.

–He loves getting a watch a show or two in the morning. He knows the computer password (GASP!) and knows how to move the cursor to start the next Netflix episode. I have to be mindful for he will watch more than allowed! He loves Curious George, VeggieTales and has just started to watch The Chronicles of Naria.

–We had to run an errand the other day so Travis dropped me off at the store front so I could run in. Brody said to him “But daddy, don’t leave mommy. I really love her.”



–He is not a picky eater in any way. But, he does not like “pagetti quash”. No, ma’am.

–He has a love-hate relationship with wrestling with Travis. He asks daddy to wrestle with him all the time but then he whines and says “top it(stop it)” basically right away. I think Travis is a little too rough but they’re both learning. 😉

–He is very concerned when kids don’t let him play with them. He is very, very sensitive(I think he got that from his daddy. Bless his heart). We’re working on what that looks like–how it makes him feel, why he should include other people, how to ask to be invited to play, etc.

–When mommy “raises her voice at me because she is fwustwated.” Oops. I’m working on that.


We walked to the high school football field last weekend after dinner and Brody brought along his football. It was too early for the game and no one was really around but there was a young high schooler hanging out. Brody walked up to him and asked if he’d like to play catch. The kid said “sure” and played catch with Brody for a few minutes. Then Brody looked over and saw another even younger kid walking by. He yelled out “HEY! Do you want to play catch with us?!” The kid smiled and walked over. My heart swelled with joy. Brody delegated a little triangle of passing the ball. We later talked about how proud I am of how he included that boy and how happy that must have made him feel to be included.

Brody is very, very good with Brinley. There have only been a handful of times where he gets frustrated with her. It is so fun to see their relationship grow. They were out playing on the trampoline together tonight and she was chasing a ball he had thrown. He yelled “Good, job SIS”. I just love how he says that. His “SIS” is very enthusiastic. He is great at encouraging her. I think he sees this from his daddy, too.

Brody, you truly bring our family so much joy. You are silly, caring, athletic, energetic, sensitive and so very loved. We adore you! Happy THIRD birthday! And I am sorry for confusing you and having your party two weeks before your actual birthday.:)We love you!

(Photo cred to Katie Drake Photography)