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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Broderick:: Crawling and Travel Nerves

Not that anyone really cares but we have been transitioning Brody take two naps instead of three. Therefore, I have beenView full post »

Five on Friday

Well, my brain is kind of jumbled this afternoon. This past week was a blur and I’m thankful it is Friday, that isView full post »

Broderick:: A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Sometimes, this silly baby of ours makes the oddest faces. Yet, somehow we giggle and think they are the most adorableView full post »

Broderick:: Picnic and Slides

I called Travis mid-day yesterday and asked him to just pick us up dinner from the Taco truck on his way home. We have aView full post »

Broderick:: His Namesake

People who have known me since before I was married know that our son’s name pays tribute to my maiden name. WeView full post »

Broderick:: 7 months

Travis and I keep having this disagreement–When people ask how old Brody is, I respond with “7 months”View full post »

Vacation:: South Lake Tahoe

We got into Chico last night around midnight and I’m loving looking through all of our photos from this past weekView full post »

Five on Friday

Well, the days of the week haven’t been something on my mind these past few weeks and it has been amazing. TravisView full post »

Chico, CA Portrait Photographer:: LeDuc Family

I have to start this post by thanking God that this family’s oldest daughter did not get bitten by the RattleView full post »

Broderick:: Lions, Tigers, and Elephants!

While we were down in San Diego my sister treated Brody and I to the Zoo. She has passes and I was so excited to spendView full post »

Chico, CA Portrait Photography::Barron Family

I just have to preface by saying that if you haven’t seen the photos from Emily’s Arrival, you have got to!&View full post »