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Chico, CA Fresh 48 Photography:: Baby Walker

I told my husband right before leaving our home to head to the hospital how excited I was. I have been photographing people for over 5 years now and I LOVE it more than ever. I mean…new babies, wrinkly newborn toes, birth stories and adoring family members?! What could possibly be more precious??
Congratulations to this sweet, sweet family! We are all so thankful that Walker is here and that everyone is healthy. His mom said “things could have been very, very scary” as she recounted all of the events leading up to his delivery via unplanned c-section. I could see the thankfulness in her eyes while she stroked his sweet forehead. You are very, very loved Walker and entire Jacobsen family! 
 I just love his handsome, little face!
Congratulations and thank you for inviting me into your lives. You have a beautiful family!

Broderick::Baking Cookies

I am the kind of person who likes a clean kitchen.(Who doesn’t?!) It’s one of my spaces in our home that makes me either feel organized or in complete chaos. All that to say that I clean as I bake–meaning I take all of my ingredients out before starting and put each item away after I add it to the mixing bowl. BUT, becoming a mom has changed the way I bake. I now see it as a way to involve Brody and to help the time in the day go by more pleasantly!:) 
Brody and I had to bake cookies for a cake walk and I went to my trusty easiest cookie recipe ever(thanks Amber!). 

1 cup sugar, 1 cup pb, 1 egg, 1 tsp vanilla and 1 cup chocolate chips.  Bake at 350 for 10 mins–and they’re gluten free and so good!
 Anyways, I truly have to let go of my clean kitchen when I choose to involve Brody. He is getting to an age where he absolutely loves anything in the kitchen and can really do more than I give him credit for. He’s starting to toast his own bread in the morning, put bottom rack dishes away(once I’ve removed the knives), help cut fruit for Brinley with a butter knife, etc. 
 I love seeing his excitement and hearing his little voice say things like “OK, ok, this is what we need” and “Oh, I see” and repeating the measurements after me “Oh, yeah, one cup peanut butta”. I want to bottle his little 2 year old voice up and keep it in my pocket!!:)

He spilled the sugar while trying to close the lid. It stresses me out for a split second then I thought it looked really pretty so I took a photo. 😉 

Once he sees me photographing him, he has to have a turn taking his photo. So I switch to lens that is short enough for us to take a quick selfie. See his chocolate chip drool? It’s payment for the help!

I just bought an amazing prime lens(105mm 2.8) and got it just minutes before we were going to start baking cookies. So, I figured I’d check out it’s fabulousness. It is a macro lens–I bought this to be able to capture the close details of my clients in Portrait, Birth and Fresh 48 sessions. This is something that gets me so excited! I love photography and a good lens–it’s like icing on the cookie! 😉

Oh, did you want a photo of the yummy cookies? Sorry. This baking session ended in a time out so the cookies were finished and eaten by me. Ha!

Chico, CA Photography:: Fresh 48

I have mentioned recently that I am now offering Fresh 48 Photography. You might be asking yourself “What is this?”. Well, not to worry! I’m here to clear up the confusion!:)

Fresh 48 Photography is a lifestyle type session that takes place within the first 48 hours of your new baby’s life at the place of birth—hospital, birth center, or home. This can be an alternative to birth photography for some or an addition to it for others. This is one of my favorite times to photograph! It is a way to capture the tiny, the new and the precious first moments and details of your family’s sweet addition.

What my Fresh 48 Photography Session includes: 

– – 60 minute lifestyle session within 48 hours of delivery.
– – 5 watermarked digital images for sharing/social networking within 24 hours.
– – A disk with 30-40 high resolution, edited images with client print release.

You also might be wondering why it is important to hire a professional for such services. I have been involved in over 25 births/deliveries that have taken place in a hospital setting. This has allowed me to not only have great rapport with the hospital staff (I love Enloe!) but also to have the passion, expertise, and gear to attain beautiful, timeless and treasured photographs of your new baby! 
I can guarantee that you will never regret hiring me to photography your Fresh 48 session. That’s some serious stuff, there. But, it’s true!! Listen…

Thank you for being a part of the most exciting day of our lives and making it a life long memory!”

“Thank you so much. We appreciate you so much and how great you were.”

“LOVE the pics!!! Thank you so much. We are so thankful for you.”
“I truly can’t even begin to tell you how these make me feel. I have tears running down my face but then laughter as well. You truly are amazing at capturing a moment that means more to us than anything! It was such a journey to get here and you helped complete that chapter to start the new one. Thank you is not enough but thank you!!”
“No words. We are so grateful you were there to take pictures of our girl. Wow.”

“I am so glad my husband I didn’t have to worry about taking photos but could just hand that over to you. We had so much going on. Worth every penny!”

Well, now I just feel like I’m tooting my own horn but I am humbly trying to help you see how great hospital photography is!! When you believe in something and know what a gift it is, you want to share it. And that is how I feel about both Birth Photography and Fresh 48 Photography.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and support me. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any inquiries or questions. I would love to hear from you! Also, pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested. I’m a big fan of repaying referrals with coffee gift cards! 😉


Northern California Wedding Photography:: Tony and Sarah

This beautiful wedding took place in Capay, California at Taber Ranch Vineyards. Taber Ranch displays timeless antiques all over the property and the bridal party got ready in a vintage bus! The surrounding rolling hills made for a beautiful backdrop to Sarah and Tony’s ceremony. 
It was a joyous day–filled with so many emotions and reminders of Sarah and Tony’s love story. 
Sarah and Tony Pisenti
June 12th, 2015
 I loved the details of Tony and Sarah’s wedding–the boutonnieres were no exception.
I absolutely adored my time with Sarah, Tony and my second shooter Katie.
Sarah, you are a beautiful bride!
The venue uses this vintage car for the couples’ grand entrance so we used it for some awesome photos on the top of the hill that overlooks the reception site. 
Congratulations to Sarah, Tony and their amazing families! 

Brinley:: 9 months

Our sweet baby girl is 9 months old! Brinley loves to crawl around, eat any crumbs she can find and loves playing in the bath. 
Brynn is now pulling up on things and standing up in her crib. She typically sleeps a good 10 hour night. She’s asleep by 8pm and wakes up around 6am, hopefully but not always going back to sleep for another hour or so after nursing. She does not have any teeth yet, so this is probably why her sleep as been a bit unpredictable the past few days. Even without the teeth, she eats/gums lots of “big kid food”. She loves fruit and is actually starting to eat some purees like applesauce and pouches. She wasn’t a big fan of the texture a few months ago. 
Brinley is a happy girl and is very content just crawling around the kitchen and living room while big brother and I do our routines throughout the day. She is, however, very vocal when she is hungry and does not like getting her diaper changed without a toy to play with! Apparently mommy and daddy are not entertaining enough! 😉
 After a good nap she wakes up happy as a clam–just cooing and playing with her lamby. Oh, and chewing/gumming on her crib. 
And because Brody is the best big brother, here he is.

Well, minus the stealing of toys, tackling, dragging sister down the hall by her feet, slamming doors in her face, etc. Just kidding…those things do happen but he is still a fantastic big brother and we are working on the above issues. 😉 Brody loves giving Brinley kisses, saying good morning, pushing her on the swings and sharing his food with her. I’m praying that one day she will be grateful for the example he is to her.

And look at those traps–he’s gotta cut back on the protein.
Happy 9 months, baby girl. Your smile brings me a lot of joy. You are precious in so many ways and to so many people. I love getting to be your safe place. 9 months of getting to be your mommy is a gift. I love you.