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Brinley:: 9 months

Our sweet baby girl is 9 months old! Brinley loves to crawl around, eat any crumbs she can find and loves playing in the bath. 
Brynn is now pulling up on things and standing up in her crib. She typically sleeps a good 10 hour night. She’s asleep by 8pm and wakes up around 6am, hopefully but not always going back to sleep for another hour or so after nursing. She does not have any teeth yet, so this is probably why her sleep as been a bit unpredictable the past few days. Even without the teeth, she eats/gums lots of “big kid food”. She loves fruit and is actually starting to eat some purees like applesauce and pouches. She wasn’t a big fan of the texture a few months ago. 
Brinley is a happy girl and is very content just crawling around the kitchen and living room while big brother and I do our routines throughout the day. She is, however, very vocal when she is hungry and does not like getting her diaper changed without a toy to play with! Apparently mommy and daddy are not entertaining enough! 😉
 After a good nap she wakes up happy as a clam–just cooing and playing with her lamby. Oh, and chewing/gumming on her crib. 
And because Brody is the best big brother, here he is.

Well, minus the stealing of toys, tackling, dragging sister down the hall by her feet, slamming doors in her face, etc. Just kidding…those things do happen but he is still a fantastic big brother and we are working on the above issues. 😉 Brody loves giving Brinley kisses, saying good morning, pushing her on the swings and sharing his food with her. I’m praying that one day she will be grateful for the example he is to her.

And look at those traps–he’s gotta cut back on the protein.
Happy 9 months, baby girl. Your smile brings me a lot of joy. You are precious in so many ways and to so many people. I love getting to be your safe place. 9 months of getting to be your mommy is a gift. I love you.  

Chico, CA Birth Photography:: Ellery Grace

July 7th, 2015
This day was perfect and I feel so grateful to have been invited into this hospital room! I love getting to witness a family as they anticipate the arrival of their baby. There is nothing like it. 
Congratulations on being a new family of three! 
 I wish you could hear this sweet grandpa’s squeals of excitement. After he held his granddaughter for the first time he said “well…I’m in love”.
The day sweet baby girl left the hospital and headed home…
Congratulations again, Sam and Brandon! I loved watching you love and take such great care of each other and your new baby girl! You are going to rock this parenting gig. Thank you!

Chico, CA Birth Photography:: McKenna and Kinsley

June 6th, 2015
Getting to photograph a baby’s arrival gives me a special love for that little life–a bond that is difficult to describe. I have told my husband that each baby who I get to see enter this world has a special place in my heart. These two little girls have an especially greater piece of my heart. I love getting to see what it was like for my twin sister and me. Hearing their first cries, watching them snuggle up to each other and bond brings me to a place of serene gratitude.

They are beautiful girls and this is a beautiful story. 

Introducing McKenna and Kinsley! 
Twin GIRLS! They didn’t know the sexes prior to delivery.:)
Congratulations, Meghann and Ryan! I am so happy for your sweet family. 
 Thank you to Enloe hospital and staff for your fantastic services! I am always impressed.
Sara Gordon from Chico Birth Services was the doula and I couldn’t have higher regards for her! 

Chico, CA Birth Photography:: Kason James

May 13th, 2015
I have extra feelings sharing this Birth story as I reflect on the health of this special mom and baby. Sometimes, the end result is just that much sweeter after the tough circumstances. The baby’s patient family sure was ready to meet him and it was a joyful evening. 
Congratulations to the Lamb family! (and all of the very excited extended family!)
 This is a mother’s face when she hears her baby’s cry for the first time…
 Welcome to the world Kason James! 
 Daddy later said that he just couldn’t keep it in and lost it a bit at this moment.
 One of my favorite photos is this next one of Kaity and Kason meeting each other.
 One of the blessings, in my opinion, of a cesarean section is how much quality time daddy gets with baby. 
 This photo just had to be taken–these are some proud grandmas!
You have such a handsome boy and the day he was born is very, very celebrated! 
Thank you for allowing me into your lives and the arrival of your son. And thank you to the Enloe staff for so graciously allowing me into your operating room!

Brinley:: 6 months

Brinley is 6 months old and she is at such a fun age! She is sitting up on her own and that has really helped with her staying entertained. She sits and watches big brother play and is pretty occupied by that. We think she is teething but no teeth have popped through. She weighs about 16 lbs. and is our little monkey–just hold her and she is content.:)She loves being attached to mama. Brynn loves being outside and can face forward in the stroller on our walks. She fell asleep this morning while we walked through the park and Brody rode his scooter. Poor second child doesn’t have nearly the scheduled routine as the first. She is kinda forced to go with the flow. 
This whole second child thing applies to first time foods as well. Brody had all organic and one fruit/vegetable per week in order to make sure he didn’t have any allergies. Two weeks ago was when we started Brinley on foods. So far she has had avocado(her first food), beans from a Mexican restaurant, hummus, In N Out french fries(I’m telling myself it was just a potato;)), and chicken pieces at a Chinese food restaurant. I don’t know what to say…so I’ll just move on.
 To be honest, I thought I would care a lot more about what my kids wore and how we left the house. Maybe one or two days out of the week do we all look fairly put together with matching clothes and hair done (or a headband in Brinley’s case). I like a lot of the modern styles but just can’t justify spending $25 on a kid’s shirt online! That’s just crazy…in my opinion. Especially considering that I barely spend that on myself. Anyways, all this to say that almost all of Brinley’s and Brody’s clothes are either gifted, yard-saled, new but heavily on sale, or thrifted. Brinley’s cute shirt below was $1 at a consignment sale and her polka dot jeans were yard-saled for .50 cents, I think. Her headband was bought new from my sister in law’s Etsy BundleUp Buddy shop. I can justify that when I’m supporting my sister.:)
Brinley is a happy girl and will soon be crawling. She rolls and pivots all over the living room. She’s lifting her little booty up and trying to get to brother’s toys but hasn’t quite figured it out. I’m not rushing that, though. She can stay my little barnacle baby a bit longer. 
Every single night that I put her to bed, I hold her extra tight and pray with her. I breathe in her sweet neck and tell myself that I am, indeed, loving this stage of life. I know her toes and her giggle. I want to know that I am not just getting through each day but enjoying moments in it. Each night, while kissing her cheeks over and over again, I remind myself that she is a gift… a precious daughter who is VERY loved.