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Chico California Photographer::In Awe

While visiting some of our good friends in the hospital after they had their baby girl, I was in awe. Of a lot of thingsView full post »

Chico California Photographer::Found some goodies

I found some goodies. I can’t tell you how excited I was to find these photos while cleaning up some memory cardsView full post »

22 weeks

Hi there friends! I officially feel pregnant now. I get these little smiles from strangers after I notice them look downView full post »

21 weeks

This really is so much fun! I’m trying to savor every kick and roll. I’m also trying to be more aware ofView full post »

20 weeks

Hello Halfway!!!Alright, I’m getting a little behind–we are actually 21 weeks right now but these photosView full post »

19 weeks & sister’s Wedding

Well we are officially 20 weeks today but I missed my 19 week post. I was in San Diego this past weekend for my sister&#View full post »

Care for a little coffee date?

I’m starting a new little weekly post on here–a coffee date of sorts. I’ve seen it around theView full post »

18 weeks

18 weeks has been a very eventful week for us. We got to see our little one again on an ultrasound and find out that weView full post »

Baby Albini is a…

Baby Albini is a… BOY!  Here he is sucking his thumb–being all cute and stuff. The ultrasound was suchView full post »

17 weeks

Well, in four days we get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl! I am really looking forward to seeing our babyView full post »

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads, soon-to-be Dads, and Moms who play both roles.  Dad–thank youView full post »

16 weeks

I went garage saling this past Saturday with my sister in law and it was so difficult to not buy baby clothes! But, onlyView full post »


Gratitude is a fine quality–and while I can sometimes get in a funk, I realize how important it is to showView full post »

Summer Bucket List

Summer used to be a lot different for us. We got married while still in college so we got to enjoy looong summer breaksView full post »

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sweet husband!! You are a quarter of a century old.  Since my favorite trip ever was ourView full post »