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Sonoma, California:: Napa Street

Like I mentioned before, Travis and I got to spend some time this weekend in Sonoma, California. We were surrounded byView full post »

Chico California Photographer::Our time away

Our time away this past weekend was much needed. Granted we came home feeling exhausted, but it was definitely muchView full post »

Chico California Photographer::Daddy duty & Nursery

For those of you who know Travis, you know that he is a hardworking man. Now, I know that I am not offending my husbandView full post »

28 weeks

This pregnancy is flying by. I’m caught in the middle of telling myself to enjoy it and wanting it to be over so IView full post »

Chico California Photographer::It’s Friday

Well, it’s finally Friday–The start of a three day weekend. Even for my banker husband who has rarely had aView full post »

27 weeks

Hello, Third Trimester!! I cannot wait to be snuggling my baby boy. Seriously, it makes me cry when I think about it. HeView full post »

Chico California Photographer::Splurge

Earlier this week Travis and I bought a new dining room table and chairs from Ikea. We are SO happy with the purchase.View full post »

26 weeks

This week has so been full. Full of late nights, lots of changes, and lots of celebrating.  Travis and I went to anView full post »

25 weeks

Being that a lot of our friends are due in September and October, I’ve been thinking about how I will be in thoseView full post »

Chico California Photographer::I’m a List Person

When I get stressed about all of the ‘things’ bouncing around in my head that need to get done, making aView full post »

Chico California Photographer::Full

One day after Travis and I had put away our groceries, I said to him “You know what one of my simple pleasures inView full post »

24 weeks

I can’t imagine what women go through who are due in this summer heat. I’m so thankful that I am due in lateView full post »

23 weeks

This week was quite productive. I got toys cleaned, baby clothes washed, a closet somewhat organized, living roomView full post »

Chico California Photographer::Adventure

You know those friends who just always seem to get you? They are truly genuine and tend to be the most encouraging inView full post »

Chico California Photographer::Nesting at 23 weeks?

Nesting: an uncontrollable urge to clean one’s house brought on by a desire to prepare a nest for the new baby, toView full post »